[Living Sense] KooKoo House Transformation Story
- House Remodeling in Banghak-dong

  • Introducing the Story of KooKoo House in the August issue of Living Sense
The August issue of Living Sense introduced the housing remodeling project (KooKoo House),
which was designed and constructed by architect Hogun Jung and designer Mincho Park,
under the title "KooKoo House Transformation Story".

Thanks for the detailed introduction of 8 pages, Jeong Sa-eun editor of Living Sense.
The owner of the KooKoo house came out well with the house.

Architecture and people are becoming alike. Like a couple.

More photos can be found in LivingSense Webzine or in magazines.

You can also find tips on choosing old houses from architect Hogun Jung.

Although it is an aging house, it can create more value than new houses through structural reinforcement and expansion.

Of course, profitability should be considered through a comparative review of new construction and remodeling.